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Jellycat, our most loved collection of soft toys and gifts for all ages, welcome to the wonderful world that is Jellycat, home to the cute the soft and the quirky.


Say hello to Jellycat characters from the wild, the sky, the ocean, the past, farms and possibly sleeping at the bottom of your bed. From the softest cutest bashful bunny to Ricky the Rain Frog, via a dinosaur and a penguin, Jellycat offer something for everyone, whether you are one or a hundred and one, there is a Jellycat here for you.

Jellycat Soft Toys

Who are Jellycat?

By now, you’ve probably heard of the popular trending teddy bear collection that is Jellycat where literally anything can be soft, worry reducing and smiley! Jellycat was established in 1999 and here at Dizzyware we began stocking them in 2016, since then Jellycat has easily become one of if not the most popular brand that we sell (and I must say is definitely my favourite) The best thing about Jellycat is that no matter how old you are, there’s a Jellycat just perfect for you, they have been known to quickly become babies and toddlers comfort teddy bears and are of such high quality that children and their Jellycats can grow up together.

What are Jellycat Amuseables?

One of the most popular and quirky ranges of Jellycat is the Amuseable range, these consist of anything from smiley potatoes with legs to a badminton shuttlecock! Imagine an object or a food as a teddy bear and I can bet there’s probably a Jellycat version! However even though they aren’t your classic teddy bear Jellycat Amuseables are equally as soft and cuddly, a lot of which have very unique textures which can often be enjoyed greatly by those with learning difficulties or developmental disorders such as Autism. Another great thing about Jellycat Amuseables is that not only can they be super soft to cuddle or squeeze, but they can also make fabulous decor and due to the range of minimalistic and also bright colour combinations they come in, are perfect for any aesthetic design in your home!

But why are Jellycat so popular?

Jellycat have always been known as a very premium, high quality brand and have been a popular choice for not only gifts but as first teddy’s for babies due to the fact a lot of them are suitable from birth (did you know you can tell if a Jellycat is suitable from birth by looking at their tag? If the back half of the paper tag is half the size of the front then the Jellycat is suitable from birth, if it’s the same size as the front half of the tag then it is not, always check the label details on your actual product) However, around the end of 2021 Jellycats went viral on various social media platforms such as TikTok and have now become an internet sensation! Transforming a lot of people’s perception on teddy bears and showing that their really is no age limit on them, because of this, Jellycats are now a popular gift for friends, secret santas, Valentines, teenagers and any age all the way up to grandparents! People have begun to move away from the stigma associated with teddy bears like Jellycats of them being “just for children” and have learned that they have many comforting aspects whether that be to sooth negative emotions or be a special friend for you to cuddle to sleep!

What is the most popular Jellycat?

While this is a hard question as Jellycat have such a diverse range of products that there is really something different for everyone, here at Dizzyware over the years aswell as throughout Jellycats brand a whole, the Jellycat Bashful Bunny, specifically beige, has remained probably the best selling of all time. This is more than likely due to the fact not only is it sumptuously soft and gorgeous to look at, it’s also a very gender neutral colour so perfect for all occasions. In addition to this, this classic, beautiful design of the Jellycat Bashful Bunny has remained a staple in the majority of people’s collections and is usually one people will gravitate towards to for their first. The floppy ears, fluffy tail and sweet button nose make them the perfect companion for anyone of any age. The Jellycat Bashful bunnies come in a range of different sizes all the way from one that can fit in a baby’s hand to one that would need its own bedroom it’s so big! The sizes are as follows:

• Tiny is the smallest size at only 13cm tall, they are incredibly cute and mini!
• Followed by small at 18cm, these are usually said to be the best for babies and young children as they are able to hold them in their hands
• Medium is original and most popular size standing at 31cm tall
• Then onto the large which are slightly bigger at 36cm
• Here’s where things start getting really big! The huge size stands at 51cm and in our opinion is the perfect size for optimum cuddles!
• Next is really big, these guys stand at 67cm tall - impressive!
• Finally is the very big size, these guys are a whopping 108cm tall! Now that’s some supersized snuggles!

Baby Jellycat

Not only do Jellycat make a fabulous range of soft, cute and quirky teddy bears, they also have a range of other products that are perfect for the little ones in your life! From sumptuously soft rattles to musical mobiles Jellycat offer a stunning selection of perfect gift ideas for both little boys and little girls. The most popular Jellycat product in this range is their gorgeous collection of story books that accompany some of their well loved characters, these books have the most beautiful illustrations and lovely engaging stories for children to read or or have read to them whilst their favourite Jellycat teddy is sat by their side. Here at Dizzyware we stock a large variety of Jellycat books as we believe that reading or having stories read to you at a young age is crucial for those early developmental stages, not only that but bedtime stories are the perfect wind down activity for both parent and child at the end of an exciting day. As well as the classic range of books that Jellycat offer, they also have created a range of sensory books, where each page has a different texture for little ones to touch and explore, keeping them engaged and amazed by the characters they are learning about, again each of these books can be accompanied by a matching Jellycat teddy and make the perfect combination to buy as a gift whether for your child or as a gift for someone’s baby shower etc.

Special Edition Jellycats?

If the regular Jellycats weren’t enough for you, not to worry as Jellycat also offer special seasonal ranges of teddy’s that we stock here at Dizzyware, all year round they release beautiful new collections of Jellycats to match the years events such as Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and even Lunar New year! These cuddly cuties make the perfect gift for any holiday season and will be sure to bring lots of happiness and joy to their recipients!

So what are you waiting for?

Come along and find your forever friend amongst our stunning selection of Jellycats here at Dizzyware! If you would like any further information don’t hesitate to contact or call us on 01949 358020 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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